The Business Advisory Council ("BAC")


The Business Advisory Council ("BAC") was founded in September, 2005 for the primary purpose of advising the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, lnc. on the administration of the Streamlined Sales and use Tax Agreement ("SSUTA"). The BAC represents all sizes of businesses, practitioners and associations that support efforts by the SSUTA States to simplify the collection and remittance of their sales/use taxes. The BAC is the formally recognized body under Section 811 of the SSUTA to represent the private sector in advising the SSUTA Governing Board. The BAC has over 75 members from the business community.



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To be a member of the BAC you need to represent a business or be a tax practitioner or an association that represents business interests. As a member you are representing that you want the States to simplify the collection and remittance of their sales and use taxes. An application for membership must be completed along with payment of the applicable dues. Memberships are approved approximately three times per year when the BAC meets in conjunction with a SSUTA Governing Board meeting. Membership is by business, so a business may include several representatives on its application. There is no restriction on the number of businesses that can join the BAC. Benefits of Membership Being a member of the BAC will give you an enhanced voice to work with the SSUTA Member States on improving their sales and use tax collection and remittance processes. As a member of the BAC, you can participate on any BAC subcommittee that interests you. BAC subcommittees and their activities vary based on the issues brought before the BAC. The BAC presently has active subcommittees addressing 1)...

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Contact Us

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The BAC appreciates any feedback you have related to an issue about the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement or specifically about the BAC. Please click on the appropriate link…

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BAC Blog

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Substantial Compliance with SSUTA. Each Member State must certify it is in compliance with the SSUTA as of 8/1 each year. Have a compliance issue with one or more states…

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The Streamlined sales Tax Project is an effort that began in 2000 by the states to remove some of the complexities in their sales and use tax laws. The states goal is to obtain federal…

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What’s SSUTA, Governing Board, Etc.

The Streamlined Sales Tax Project is an effort that began in 2000 by the states to remove some of the complexities in their sales and use tax laws. The States' goal is to obtain federal legislation to grant them authority to require remote sellers to collect their sales and use taxes. The states need this authority based on decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, see Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S.298 (1992). The initial agreement was adopted by the states in November, 2002, and the requisite ten states with at least 20% of the U.S population threshold was met in October, 2005. The SSUTA's Governing Board is comprised of delegates from its member states. The BAC has a non-voting seat on the Governing Board. The BAC and its subcommittees interact with the SSUTA Governing Board and its committees to voice the interests of the business community.

Amnesty Opportunities

With limited exceptions, the first year a state is granted full membership in the SSUTA it has to grant amnesty for any businesses that may have had a collection responsibility but did not collect that state's sales/use tax (associate member states must continue to grant amnesty until one year after they become a full member state).
The following states must provide this amnesty:
  • Ohio (full member state - amnesty ends 12/31/2014)
  • Tennessee (associate member state)
A business seeking amnesty has to register under the SSUTA and agree to collect all other full member states taxes for at least three years.

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